Organ Method Comparison

Quick Comparison of Organ Method Books

All these books include the necessary techniques for learning to play the organ such as music with beginning toes and heels notation, finger substitution, legato manual techniques, articulate method, etc.

The differences lie in the approach and how in-depth each book is. Most of our customers start with First Organ Book as it is very accessible and quickly gets the student playing. However, some organists may prefer one of the other methods all of which are excellent.

First Organ Book

  • Very comprehensive introduction to organ
  • Easy to understand
  • Great for children and adults
  • 25 pages of easy organ music
  • Much of the material can be played immediately with a minimum of technique

The New Oxford Organ Method

  • A single piece is the primary focus for each chapter
  • Technical exercises
  • Each lesson covers four main topics, which are systematically developed: practice methods, registration, fingering and pedaling, and historically-informed interpretation
  • Excellent choice for musicians looking to improve their technique

Organ Technique: Modern and Early

  • Articulated method for pre-1750
  • The modern, legato technique
  • Information on how to accompany anthems and solos
  • Adapting piano and orchestral accompaniments to the organ
  • Large spiral bound book
  • 381 pages

Organ For Primary (Level 1)

  • Great for children and adults
  • Lots of pictures for visual learning
  • Focuses on playing for a church congregation
  • Music of the Latter Day Saints 
  • First of a three volume set
  • Spiral bound book


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