He Is Born: Christmas Carols for Organ - Arranged by Lloyd Larson

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He Is Born: Christmas Carols for Organ 

Arranged by Lloyd Larson
Organ, 2-staff

After the success of Lloyd Larson's first organ collection, we are delighted to present a new volume, this time with arrangements of familiar Christmas and Advent carols.

About this volume, Larson writes: "I think it can be said that many of the Christmas carols that have been woven into the fabric of our yuletide celebrations are also timeless. They have survived because they have something to say and have been wedded with memorable melodies.

My goal in this collection has been to take these enduring strains and package them in fresh ways for the organist. At the same time, I wanted to do my best as an arranger to stay out of the way and ensure that these ageless melodies took center stage."