First Organ Book, by Wayne Leupold

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The First Organ Book is the outgrowth of a two-year project initiated by the National Committee on the New Organist of the AGO, in cooperation with Wayne Leupold, to produce an introductory volume of organ music and elementary teaching materials.

Wayne Leupold's 4rd edition of his very popular First Organ Book provides a wealth of information and technique. Includes basic introduction to the organ with pictures, comprehensive beginning organ method, collection of 25 pages of easy organ music with beginning toes and heels notation, finger substitution, legato manual techniques, articulate method and more. 200 pages. 

Details of book from Wayne Leupold:

Part one includes basic information about the organ, families of sound, and a brief explanation of the basic periods of music history.

Part two contains a comprehensive beginning organ method including chapters on legato pedal techniques, legato manual techniques, legato manual and pedal trios, and the articulate style of touch of the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.

Part three is a graded collection of compositions from all historical periods, with most of the late nineteenth and twentieth century pieces fingered. Some compositions are based on well-known hymn tunes, while others are freely composed. Most of the compositions in this part do not require traditional organ legato-fingering techniques, thus enabling the pianist or keyboardist with only a minimum technique to play the organ and sound good immediately. Much of the material is at a level so that it can be used by pianists after only three years of traditional piano study.

Part four includes information on MIDI, a glossary, and registration information.

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We always have First Organ Book at 10% off as this important book has transitioned so many pianists to pipe organ successfully. The Leupold Foundation is a great resource for organists looking for more music and scholarly books on the pipe organ.