Size Charts

Since there is no perfect conversion between international sizes the following size information is suggested, but does not guarantee fit. We gladly accept returns and exchanges; and process them quickly. Please read our return and shipping policies before ordering.

In the USA, most people find that their dress shoe size is smaller than their sneaker/boot size.

Outside the USA, please note that we have three widths in the USA. Medium is the normal standard width. We also carry a narrow and wide width.

Men ordering the Oxford Lace-up, if you are between dress shoe sizes we suggest ordering up. For example: If your sneaker size is 11 medium and your dress shoe size varies from 10 to 10.5, then order size 10.5.

Women ordering the men’s Oxford Lace-up, convert your women’s size to men’s sizing before ordering by decreasing one whole size and one width. For example: if your women’s size is 8.5 medium, your men’s size would be 7.5 narrow.

Women ordering the Mary Jane or Diana, our women's shoes run a tad long for some customers. If you are between sizes select the smaller size. For example: if you wear 9 - 9.5 in dress shoes you probably wear a size 9 in our shoes. If you always wear the same size in dress shoes then order that size.

The Diana shoe has a synthetic upper that does not stretch. If you order Diana shoes that are too tight they will not stretch over time. You should exchange for a bigger size.

If you need help determining your shoe size give us a call or send an email. We can help!

Information that helps us determine your shoe size:

  • Your usual dress shoe size
  • Your usual sneaker/boot size
  • Your Euro size
  • Your foot length and width (in inches or centimeters)


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 Shoe Size Chart