Caring For Your Organ Shoes

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Suede Leather Soles

Using a small wire brush, gently dry brush the soles to remove any grit and to renew the texture of the suede.  Brushing your soles also prevents them from scratching the pedals. Do not use any liquid on the soles. Only wear your shoes indoors in order to prolong the life of the suede soles.

Leather Uppers

Clean leather uppers with this home recipe: Mix equal parts of distilled white vinegar and warm water. Using a soft cloth dipped into the white vinegar water gently wipe the uppers clean. Rinse completely using just clean water on your cloth.  Allow to dry completely before applying any conditioner or polish.

leather Conditioning: Leather is a natural material and can get dry over time which leads to cracking. Use a leather conditioner or balm as needed to keep your shoes soft and in good shape.

Polish: Clean your shoes before polishing. Use clear polish to avoid a color mismatch when polishing your shoes.

Synthetic Uppers (gold and silver women’s shoes only)

Synthetic uppers are more fragile than leather shoes and need more care. Mix a small spoon of mild detergent (without Bleach) into a few cups of warm water. Using a soft cloth dipped into the soapy water gently wipe the uppers clean. Do not get the shoes overly wet. Wipe the uppers again with your soft cloth just using clean water. Allow to dry completely.