Sales Tax

In the USA:

We are required to collect a 6.25% sales tax on items sold within our state of Massachusetts. However, there is no tax on shoes.

We are also required to collect sales tax by a few other states where our sales reach an individual state's sales threshold. The rules for sales thresholds are different for each state and can change at any time.  To see if there is sales tax on the particular items you are interested in please drop those items into the shopping cart and enter your shipping address. The tax will be automatically calculated if there is any.


Outside the USA:

Our international customers are responsible for any import duty, taxes, and/or brokerage fees that may be required by your government before your package is released to you. These fees can be substantial, are different for each country and can change any time without notice. For more detail see our Shipping Policy Page by clicking here.

Shipping to the UK has changed for us starting in 2021 due to 20% VAT being required on packages valued at $185 (£135) or less. We are only accepting orders from individual UK customers with a minimum value of $195 which releases us from collecting and remitting VAT to the UK government. It is simply not feasible for us to spend and manage what it would take to handle VAT collection. We continue to ship large orders to our distributor in the UK, Church Organ World, where you may find our shoes!