Frequently Asked Questions

Should I order a smaller shoe size for a close fit?

No. Wearing shoes that are too small can damage your feet. Order your usual dress shoe size for a comfortable fit. OrganMaster Shoes are a trim style for pedaling so there is no need to get a smaller-than-usual size.

You should have a 1/4 inch space in front of your toes when the shoes fit properly.


Can I wear my organ shoes outside?

No. Suede soles will last much longer if you do not expose them to the elements.


How do I clean the soles of my organ shoes?

Lightly brush the bottoms of your organ shoes with a dry wire brush in order to remove any grit and to refresh the texture of the suede. Do not use liquid on the suede soles.


How can I keep my shoes from coming untied?

When tying shoes bring the lace over the shoe front to back and then through the loop left to right for a horizontal bow. The pressure will be dispersed sideways keeping the bow tied. Click here to watch our video.


Can I get a higher heel on my organ shoes?

Yes. Take your shoes to a local cobbler to have the heel stacked. The suede leather heel piece should be cemented on last so you still get the benefit of suede soles.


How do I determine my shoe size?

Our shoes are in US sizes. For most people, their dress shoe size is smaller than their sneaker/boot size.  See our size chart and size tips by clicking here.