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Suede Soles provide the perfect combination of slide and grip for pedalwork.

Confident pedalwork comes with practice and the right shoes on the pedals.


These shoes are highly recommended for their comfort and effectiveness in accurate pedal playing. The lift of the heel facilitates the playing of larger intervals while the overall compactness (even at size 10 1/2 wide) helps to prevent "playing in the cracks." The shoes provide excellent support as well as flexibility in navigating complex passagework. I received my new shoes very quickly, faster than expected. Every organist should have a pair!

James H.

Thank you for your wonderful shoes and great customer service! I've worn OrganMaster shoes for 15 years and highly recommend them to all my students and fellow organists; I think a good organ shoe is an integral part of successful pedal technique. I own them in two different colors and just barely retired my first black pair after 15 years of remarkable service! Thanks, OrganMaster!

Busy Organist, Orem, UT

This is the second pair I have bought, and they fit wonderfully and allow for great sensitivity on the pedals. The first pair (which I have worn out during the last four-plus years) had traditional buckles. This second pair has a "friction" clasp which I like much better. It will allow for incremental adjustments whether I am wearing trouser socks or hose...and it's quicker. I highly recommend these shoes, and I don't plan to buy any other kind when I wear these out.

Nancy C.

Love these shoes so far they work the pedals well and don't slip also allow me to go from one pedal and up and down 2-3 pedals smoothly without touching another pedal which is awesome to play my church hymns! The customer service has been wonderful! Thank you !! I highly recommend and will be back for another pair in a different color !!!

Sally Y.

Finest Quality! I have always bought Organ Master shoes. I have even had my Organ Master Shoes stolen right out of the choir loft! I finally replaced my shoes and bought 3 more pair! They can take a beating! Reger, Bach, and Pedal Trills! You'll play the giguere fugue faster with these shoes!

Ron C.

Just purchased an organ & want to do pedals properly. The shoes fit perfectly & are well made. Having not played for years, I was pleased with the feel of shoe on the pedal by keeping my foot narrow but without feeling tight. With practice I'm sure I'll appreciate the smooth sole & heel. Great prompt service. Thank you.



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