Confident pedalwork comes with practice and the right shoes on the pedals.

Suede Soles provide the perfect combination of slide and grip for pedalwork.


These shoes are highly recommended for their comfort and effectiveness in accurate pedal playing. The lift of the heel facilitates the playing of larger intervals while the overall compactness (even at size 10 1/2 wide) helps to prevent "playing in the cracks." The shoes provide excellent support as well as flexibility in navigating complex passagework. I received my new shoes very quickly, faster than expected. Every organist should have a pair!

James H.

Thank you for your wonderful shoes and great customer service! I've worn OrganMaster shoes for 15 years and highly recommend them to all my students and fellow organists; I think a good organ shoe is an integral part of successful pedal technique. I own them in two different colors and just barely retired my first black pair after 15 years of remarkable service! Thanks, OrganMaster!