NEW! No-Tie Stretch Shoe Laces (Convert your shoes to SLIP-ONS)

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Our brand new NO-TIE laces are quick and easy to install and convert your shoes to slip-ons for quick changes at the organ.

These black stretch laces can be cut to length needed and capped off with a black screw fastener for discrete NO-TIE laces.


  1. Lace your shoes normally.
  2. Slide the fasteners over the ends of the lace.
  3. Make a knot on each end.
  4. Trim the excess lace with scissors.
  5. Screw the fastener together. 

You  never have to tie your shoes again and you now have slip-on organ shoes.


  • 2 - 3mm round elastic polyester shoelaces (107cm/42 inches long each)
  • 2 - black metal screw capsules

Made in China.