Organ Shoes Restocking Update

Organ Shoes Restocking Update

Organ Shoes Restocking Update

Dear Friends,

Due to an error at the factory followed by Covid decimating their workforce our men’s Oxfords and women’s Mary Janes in both black and white leather were not made for us on time. In addition, we were not alerted to this fact but simply told that shipping was slow whenever we checked in with the factory. The extant of the problem was not discovered until this week.

The factory is now expediting our order and air shipping the shoes to us. However, this means we still won’t have our stock until the third week of August. I am working to get a firm delivery date to post for you.

We can take backorders over the phone if you wish to order before the shoes arrive.

I’m so sorry for the long delays this year. As frustrating as it has been for us not to be able to serve so many of our customers in a timely manner, I do consider myself lucky that we are still in business and all healthy after the disruptions of the pandemic.

And some good news! Despite our current situation we are planning new styles for you! If you want to have a say in what shoes we design and put into production this fall, please take a 1-minute survey by clicking the button below. Hundreds of organists from all over the world have already responded and it is very helpful to us moving forward to provide a shoe that suits your needs and wishes!

I truly hope you are well and looking forward to a brighter, healthier future for all of us.



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