Painting Your Organ Shoes

Leather shoes can be painted. We love the Angelus products for this project. They are acrylic paints that don't crack and stand up very well for a long time on shoes.  This process is not difficult, but only requires a steady hand and patience. We do not sell Angelus paints but highly recommend them.


Paint leather shoes with paint

How to Paint Leather Shoes:

Step 1: Very lightly dull the finish of your shoes using LEATHER PREPARER AND DEGLAZER. Too much will make a mess of the underlying paint already on the shoes so make this very minimal.

Step 2: Tape off parts of the shoe not to be painted such as the outsole (and the French cord trim on the women's shoes). Remove laces from lace-up shoes.

Taped off shoes ready to paint

Step 3: Mix a little DULLER into the paint color if you want to reduce the shine. Otherwise, skip this step.

Step 4: If the shoes are not starting out white, paint a thin coat of white PRIMER using a small flat brush.

Step 5: After the PRIMER is dry, paint a thin coat of the color. You may need to paint 3 coats for full coverage. Wait for each coat to dry before proceeding, about 15 minutes.

Painted Shoes Drying

Step 6: If desired, an optional SATIN ACRYLIC FINISHER can be painted over the color to protect it.

Finished Shoes Painted Silver

Voila! You now have a unique pair of organ shoes!


Disclaimer: OrganMaster Shoes does not guarantee the outcome of using Angelus paints and cannot be held responsible for the outcome of painting your shoes.