Organ Shoe Soling

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Type: Shoe Care

Suede is an incredible natural material and makes very effective, sensitive soles for pedalwork.  

We can send you a suede leather piece approximately 16" x 9" which is enough to resole a pair of shoes up to men's size 16.

If the uppers are still in good condition you can easily resole your organ shoes.  Simply bring your organ shoes and organ shoe soling to your local (or online) cobbler. They will cut the suede to fit correctly and cement the new outsoles onto your shoes. The heel piece should wrap over the front of the heel. The cobbler should trace the old sole so the new sole also does not protrude from the upper (which would hinder pedaling).

Grey suede is generally used on light colored shoes and black suede used on black or navy shoes.

Made in the USA.