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Preludes, Postludes, and Interludes by Caleb Simper

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Level: Easy.

This collection contains sixteen works of the prolific and highly successful Victorian sacred composer Caleb Simper in freshly scored arrangements. These selections remove excessive chromatic harmony and add appropriate counterpoint, casting these amazing titles in a true twenty-first century light. 

Table of Contents


Postlude in E-flat
Postlude in C
Postlude in B-flat
Postlude in D

Interlude No. 1 in F
Interlude No. 2 in E-flat
Interlude No. 3 in G
Interlude No. 4 in C
Interlude No. 5 in B-flat
Interlude No. 6 in B minor
Interlude No. 7 in D minor
Interlude No. 8 in E minor